Russian translation

Translation from Russian to English accounts for most of my work. Given my legal background I specialise in legal translation but also enjoy translation in the field of international relations.


"Siriol translated an article that Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Duma’s
foreign affairs committee, wrote for a CER book. The translation was not
only remarkably swift but also fully measured up to the CER’s high
editorial standards. We did not even need to edit the piece afterwards."
Katinka Barysch, Deputy Director, Centre for European Reform, London


Experience: a brief overview of some of my main projects 2008-12:


-Translating numerous Russian contracts and other documentation from
Russian into English in connection with various Russia-related matters
being litigated in the UK courts;


-Translating a number of chapters for "Democracy and Modernization, a Dilemma for Russia and for the World", Piotr Dutkiewicz and Vladislav Inozemtsev (eds.), pub. Routledge, 2012;

-Translating five chapters of "Russia: the Challenges of
Transformation", a volume of collected essays on the future of Russia
edited by two of the world's leading Russia scholars, Dmitri
Trenin and Piotr Dutkiewicz (published by New York University Press in

-Translating arbitration awards from Russian into English; and

-Translating a book on Uzbek textiles resulting from a research
project by the Technical University of Dortmund funded by the Volkswagen
Foundation entitled "Modernity of Tradition. The Uzbek textile legacy
as a cultural and commercial resource". As most of the chapters were
written in Russian but the project leader was German, this project
involved translations both from Russian and from German.